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    Unanswered: PROBLEM LOAD TABLE: row mistake

    I Have a "LOAD TABLE" script

    and I have a big data

    this data have a row (line 340342) whit an error in a column

    then the data not charge in my BD, because this row have a mistake

    What can I do for jump every bad row in the data???
    How modify my LOAD TABLE script??

    Thanks, and sorry but my english

    Could not execute statement.
    Cannot convert to a int(4) (column
    SQLCODE=-157, ODBC 3 State="07006"
    File: "load_file_ff_var_calc_tar.sql" on line 1, column 1


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    loadin problem

    So you are doing bcp into a table, if you know which row has the problem, why dont you delete the row in question in the .DAT file or the file that holds the rows.


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    If you are doing bcp in u can use -m option with some greater numeric value by default it is 100(i think). this option let u escape those many errors which u mention with -m option.
    Also use -e option with some file name , this file will capture all the erroneous lines which u can correct later and can again do bcp after correcting those lines.

    for example

    bcp <database>..<table> in '<file name >' -m <say 10000> -e '<full path of the error file>

    I hope this will help u.

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