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    Unanswered: Access 97 Database Size Growing Too Fast

    Does anyone know why or if there's a solution as to why an Access database size grows too fast? It starts at 20,000KB and by mid-day, it reaches 200,000KB.

    A compact needs to be done everyday to drop the size back to normal level?

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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    reasons for bloating
    data volumes are growing, but then you wouldn't recover that much space on a C&R
    poor choice fo data storage (eg storing pictures, PDF's or other objects which could be happily stored outsdie the DB are being stroed within the db, but then you wouldn't recover that much space on a C&R

    lots of design changes to forms or reports & tables.... each of these tend to bloat the db as Access does its background processes.

    many records being added and deleted leading to indexes becoming stretched

    if you are making lots of changes to the design there is virtually nothing you can do about it, besides doing a compact and repair. its also nothing to worry about, again providing you do a periodic compact and repair.
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    Is it a front end or a back end file that's growing too fast?

    If it's a front-end, you could change the way people launch it to automatically handle "C&R". PK has a cool method of this using a .VBS file. It copies the original to a file with the same name but with the login name appended. The file then launches the copy. Doing that would mean the original stays the same size, each client copy wouldn't grow as much and the file will just be replaced on next launch so bloating would be killed.... just to mention a few benefits, there are others too.
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