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    Unanswered: run macro from a selection

    Hi guys. This is my first post, so I hope you can help. I just got put in charge of a huge rat database, and I need to run a lot of reports in excel. I have to copy about 100 rows in a sheet of over 2000 entries and paste it into a new sheet and then run a macro to reformat the sheet and print it out. I would like to be able to select the rows and run the macro only on those rows and none of the others. Is this possible. I have searched around and don't think so, but hopefully I am wrong. Thanks. anne

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    Howdy, Anne, and welcome to the board.

    Yes, it is possible. But you would need to give more specifics.
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    Hi Goldie6175,

    First create a new copy of your original xls file and then experiment.
    Try to create a record macro you may want to try to press Alt-T-M-R record the action you wish to perform and then debug it later using Visual Editor.
    If you are happy with the result then rerun the program to attain what you wish to do. Hope this helps.

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