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    Unanswered: Showing the next() record?

    I'm new to Crystal and fairly new to SQL. I'm working with a Solomon 7database and need to create a report to show only the next scheduled billing record. Data basically looks like this:

    1 cust1 $100 5/10/08
    2 cust1 $100 6/10/08
    3 cust1 $120 7/10/08
    4 cust2 $180 5/10/08
    5 cust2 $180 6/10/08
    6 cust2 $190 7/10/08

    I need to show only the first and fourth lines, representing the next scheduled billing record for each customer. I have everything else figured out, I just can't get it narrowed down to only the next chronological record, without some unacceptable kludge. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Create a formula that finds the next date.

    Next ()

    Then create another fornula that finds all records that match this date.

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