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    Unanswered: Problems with Photos in tables and forms

    I'm using Microsoft Access 2000.

    I have to do a field survey of the physical conditions of all the rooms in several research buildings at a local university, and generate a report. I've built a table (no form yet) to input the data we record, and a report to output each room's data onto its own sheet. As part of the survey, we'll be photographing 4 walls (N,S,E,W) in each room, and I'd like the photos to print out on the forms, but I'm having some trouble with that.

    In my table, I've made a field for North, South, East and West, and set the data type for that to OLE Object. I click the cell, and choose "insert object" and "create from file", then pick a photo from the list. That's where 2 things go wrong:

    1. After I've picked the first photo, none of the files are visible on the folder list anymore when you go to insert the next photo. You have to exit the program and restart it to be able to see the photos in any folder again.

    2. When I run the form, I get an icon, not the photo. I've checked in the properties window that the "contents" are displayed, not "icon" and that the "either" option for bound or unbound is selected. Nothing makes any difference.

    I'm sure I'm missing something simple here, but I'm lost because I don't use Access all that often.

    Any advice would help.

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    I wouldn't do it that way. I'd have the four fields be holding only text -- the path to the photo.

    Then use unbound object frames or image controls and set them using VBA when you move records.
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