I'm working on a project right now to decomission our last remaining NT4 boxes. On one of those I'm running an old version of Kronos Timekeeper Central 3A, which doesn't migrate easily to the current version, 5.2. To make things really fun, the remote datastore is filled with file formats that are unfamiliar to me - .TKC, .KAP and .SC files. I don't see any DSN configured between the dekstop and the data so I have no idea how the app is getting to the data. I'm trying to get hold of the vendor but so far I don't have a straight answer.

Are these extensions familiar to anyone and if so, is there anything out there that can read the files which runs on Vista? Upgrading to TKC 3A.08.03 will run on XP and solve the immediate problem, but I'm trying to make life easier for myself on the day that we migrate our desktops to Vista (hopefully that's a long, long way off)!

This is a longshot, but I'm hoping that someone out there has already dealt with this issue.