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    Unanswered: Database connection fail error in EM 10g

    Hi everyone...

    Take my salam. How are you? I am facing a problem so need your reply.

    I installed 10g in windows server 2003 and active directory is installed. While i am going to connect sys from enterprise manager its gives username/password error.

    According to installation guide i add ORA_DBA group under the local policy->user right assignment-> login as batch file. (domain controllere security->local policy->user right assigment policy) But still its not working.

    For your kind consideration.. I installed in xp and did same but from mycomputer-> manage-> and there its working. But after active directory installation i dont have local manage user group.

    SO, anyone plzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me whts the solution. I will be very much thankfull to him..

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    As it works without AD it's obviously an AD problem.

    I don't use AD, but as I understand it it's purpose in this case would be for account authentication, so do you have an entry for SYS within your AD directory?
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    Ya.. I followed all this things. But not working.
    Now currently facing new problem... After login in em when i go for performing some operation it gives error.. java exception .. connection error.. What is this? I think oracle EM is worst tool of oracle. Its full of problem.

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    >I think oracle EM is worst tool of oracle. Its full of problem.
    Nobody is forcing you to use it.
    Alternatives exist.
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