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    Unanswered: email verification

    what would be the best way to set up email verification?

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    verify what.. that the email format is legit, or that the email actually exists

    for the former use a regular expression mask
    bearing in mind that an email address can take the form of alphanumeric characters a-z0-9, with leading and trailing full stops

    the number of fullstops is discretional, ie it could be my.full.qualified.hostname.TLD or it could be just hostname.TLD

    there are some examples on the web

    one of the potential gotchas is that some emal servics also allow th ' character eg o'hagan, o'halloran
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    How I do emails:

    I ripped this code from my user registration form at hope this helps.

    This is how I do email varification:

    PHP Code:
    //If email field is completly empty:
    if(strlen($email)<1) {
    "&bull; No Email Address entered.<br>";
    //If email field is not empty, continue to check if it's fake:
    else {
    //Email Varification Checker:        
    // take a given email address and split it into the  username and domain. 
    list($mailName$mailDomain) = split("@"$email); 
    if (
    checkdnsrr($mailDomain"MX")) { 

    else { 
    "&bull; Email Address is not valid.<br>";

    First I check if the user even entered the damn thing.
    Second, I make sure the email is in proper format (e.g: user@domain.EXT) Third, that the domain name exists.
    If all goes right, then I make $validEmail="anything" (I put Yes!)

    Later on down the form, I just check if $validEmail has more then 0 characters.
    PHP Code:
    if(strlen($validEmail)>0) {... 

    // submit data or do whatever you want to do.


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    I'm web programmer. your coding is best . thanks to share this coding . this is too much helpful for us.

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    I am using following code and it works for me....

    if(strlen($Email_add()) && !preg_match ("/^[\w\.-]{1,}\@([\da-zA-Z-]{1,}\.){1,}[\da-zA-Z-]+$/", $Email_add))
    print "Email Address is not valid";

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