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Thread: MQT not hitted

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    Unanswered: MQT not hitted

    Hi All,

    i have an issue that , when the base table is created with MDC , my queries are not hitting the MQT .

    in detail,..........

    when my base table is NOT created with MDC , my queries are hitting the MQT. But when i create the base table with MDC , the same queries are not hitting the MQT. instead , it is going to the base table.

    any idea why this strange scenario happens?

    My DB2 version is 8.1 / Unix Platform


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    My guess is that the DB2 optimizer thinks that accessing the MDC is cheaper/faster than querying the MQT. Do you see differences in the execution times of the query? If so, which one is faster?

    Try to install the latest FP. If you are on V8.1, you will find several newer fixpaks, and each fixpak typically contains improvements for the optimizer.
    Knut Stolze
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