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    Unanswered: Updating existing records and adding new

    I am working in Access 2003.

    I have two tables tblBenchmarks and tblBenchmarkUpdates.
    I need to update existing records in tblBenchmark and also add new records if they currently do not exist in tblBenchmarks.

    tblBenchmarkUpdates has both existing and new records that need to be added to tblBenchmark.

    I need to add data to fifteen existing fields that are currently null in tblBenchmark.

    I need to identify existing StuId (primary key). Update the data from tblBenchmarkUpdate to those records in tblBenchmark and add the new StuID's and 15 fields of data that aren't in tblBenchmark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbaldy
    Thank you for that link! It was very easy to follow.

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