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    Unanswered: Cannot open any more databases.

    I am getting "Cannot open any more databases" error while i am printing a report.It shows up correctly,the report contains 25 sub reports.
    What may be the problem.Pls help to get rid of this problem.

    I will appreciate your help.

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    Im guessing its a resource issue, that each sub report opens up its own connection to the db and youve just exceeded the limit in Access.

    I can't think of any reason why I'd want to run 25 sub reports in one report.. I think Ive run 10..15 subreports, and it killed the network whilst running.

    Id suggest thart you break the report into smaller sections (say 2 of 12..13) and see if that clears the fault.

    Ive only seen soemone try that sort of trick when trying to produce a MIS summary report, suckingin all the pages of the usual MIS so they could be printed off in page order saying things like page 1 of xx. THis was way back in Access 2, and my advice was if you MUST have that then fake it by addign page numbers after the event OR use another mechanism

    Balance Sheet Section 1
    Cashflow Section 2
    Capex Analysis Section 3.....

    and then print each section as a discrete block
    the pagination was unique to each section
    eg instead of it being page 35, it became Section2; page 10 of 20 or more likely Cashflow Analysis Page 10 of 20
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    Cannot open any more databases.

    Thanks for your suggestion.Some body else developed this report and he left the company.Is there any immediate solution for this problem.
    All sub reports record source propery are set to respective queries.There is no code in sub reports.

    When i click for help on the error message below message is shown.

    You have reached the limit on the number of databases that can be opened at one time. Close one or more databases and try the operation again.

    In sub reports how can i close the connections.Is there any way.

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