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    Unanswered: MSSQL 2005, new hardware - HD separation


    I have a client who is in the market for a dedicated SQL box. It's a smaller company of 50 users. The primary task of this machine is a backend for Sharepoint 2007. At first I'm stuck using MSSQL 2000 for a few months until the budget can be approved to upgrade them to 2005.

    I intend to spec this machine out for 2005, the question I have at the moment pertains to the HD configurations.

    How would you recommend rigging that up?

    Mirror for system, Mirror for the data store, mirror for transaction/temp files?

    Put everything on a Raid-5 and forget about it?

    I also have a question about Quad Core processors. How does MS sql's licensing work on that?

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    For 50 users, you don't have to do very much. For best practice sake, I would have at least three physical devices. One for the OS to play with, one for the data, and one for temp/logs. If you can not get that, there is no big problem, as I would be very surprised if 50 users can stress a system that badly.

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