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    How can i use a lookup for a title (for example, Miss, Mrs, Mr, Ms).

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    One way would be to have a table with the available options as records, then on a form have a combo box with its rowsource looking at that table.

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    it depends how you have set up your titles.
    if they are in a table then you can do the "lookup" via a SQL command
    you could populate a combo box with the results of the table.

    however there is another route which is to use the lookp wizard in Access. The problem is that this is equivalent to using a ENUM/enumeration. I think you can set this in the tbale design as a lookup wizard. Unless your coursework demands that you sue a lookup wizard, personally I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. The main reason being its not good practise.. its difficult to maintain, difficult to support over time. each change to the title requires changes to the db itself, whereas if you do this as a table then changes to titles can be made by users without demands on the development staff
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    ok thxz i started to get it working but i have a problem,

    I am using a combo box to lookup 3 field. One of these fields are in currency and the combo box does not read the currency sign. For example in the field it reads; abc, xyz, 9000. Infront of 9000 should be but it does not seem to show up.

    Any solutions?

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    Format the 9000 into currency in the SQL of the combo box using the Format function.
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