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    Unanswered: Alternative to MS Access

    This may be the wrong place to post this but I would love to find an alternative to MS Access that I could start working with and learning. It's hard to beat the ease of working with this database, but I continue to encounter stability problems and issues when you deal with too much data.

    My main need is the ability to link to other database tables (e.g., using an ODBC connection). Most of the data I use is in these remote tables, not in the Access app itself. Suggestions are welcome.

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    I use Access as a front end against SQL Server with some tables having well over a million records. I have no stability problems. What problems are you having?

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    Acess isnt' a database per se.. its a RAD front end.. so I' dgo Access connecting to wherever you are storing data.

    there are problem sin storing large amounts of data in JET (the default data storage in Access (at arounf the 2GB limit), or if you have soemwhere between 15 and 30 users usign JET as the storage mechaninsm. Access by itsefl can support multi thousand users concurrently.. but that is using a wel crafted front end talking to a server backend, in clusters of users of no more than 250 per cluster
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