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    Question Unanswered: Networking Microsoft Access Database - 5 users


    I am currently volunteering my time and making a order / bill of materials database for a company as I hone my knowledge. I am making good progress on the database, forms, reports etc. Looks like the roadblock I am going to face is how to share this database real-time with about 5 users in this small business.

    I have researched and found Sharepoint, and SQL Server. Sharepoint turns me off because it does not support Referential Integrity and does not seem like it is real time from what I have read. SQL Server seems very pricey, and too extreme for this small business. The class I am taking is using Microsoft Access 2007 Guidebook from Maggie Trigg & Phyllis Dobson, and through scanning the table of contents it does not look like this book will cover this subject at all.

    So my question is does Microsoft Access have something built in to share a database among a few users, create users with privileges, handle record locking etc? If it does can anyone recommend any good books I could purchase that can teach me how to implement this functionality?



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    Access will handle it fine. You'll want to split the application:

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    You are a godsend, many thanks!

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