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    Question Unanswered: BDE directory busy

    When opening Paradox 9 installed locally on the C drive, the message "could not initialize BDE, directory is busy" always comes up and sometimes, not always, a message "the file is missing or corrupt. Run setup program to reinstall missing component" appears first. But never the less after a short time paradox opens up in the working directory. So paradox opens and can be used, but the error boxes are anoying and I would like to get rid of them.

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    the "directory is busy" message just means that you have stray lock files in the machine.. download remlok32 from my web site, and let it find and delete all lock and net files on your drive..

    I never heard of the file, but a careful re-install can't hurt.. make sure you have backups, and that you don't let it change your defaults..

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    Steve thanks! I will give it a try. Kelly

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