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    Unanswered: reorg related issue???


    To reorganize database indexes with an asterisk (*) in the last column (Reorg) after running reorgchk command, we need to do reorg all those indexes.

    But after doing reorg activity twice we are still getting asterisk (*) for few indexes. Please find below sample.

    IDSLDAP RCN 3e+06 27322 1 4 14 8059 3e+06 93 61 124 0 0 *----

    Is there any harm if one asterisk (*) exist? the most left dash i am geeting asterisk(*).

    Is database reorganized?

    If still existance of asterisk (*) then what should I need to take action?

    Please look in that and provide solution.

    I refered below link but not getting clear picture on this.

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    Reorgchk is a recommendation that you may want to reorg an index. It is by no means a "must do".

    Reorgchk indicates whether the rows in a table are clustered by an index or not. If not, you will see the '*' in the reorgchk output (as you do). But let's try to understand what clustering is: the rows in the table are physically arranged in the same order as the index entries in the respective index. Naturally, there can be only one index on a table according to which the rows are sorted - you will never be able to make all indexes a clustering index (artificial scenarios where all indexes have the same row sort order not considered). Thus, if you have multiple indexes on a table, you will typically always see a '*' on the F4/cluster ratio column of the reorgchk output.
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