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    Unanswered: Revoke privileges from PUBLIC on NULLID

    (DB2 UDB V8.1 FP5, AIX)


    I have a few questions related to privileges granted to PUBLIC on package schema NULLID:

    - Is it a security threat if PUBLIC has privileges on NULLID?
    - What if I revoke BIND & EXECUTE on all packages within NULLID?
    - What happens when new packages are created. Is PUBLIC granted privileges on newly created packages also.
    - How to differentiate between system defined and user defined packages?

    I realise that SYSIBM is grantor for quite a few of them and there is a naming convention for packages. But still I can find some packages starting with 'SQL' with SYSIBM as grantor. I've searched a lot but could not find the impact of revoking these privileges from PUBLIC. I've also checked the V9.1 database creation option of RESTRICTIVE but currently I am on DB2 UDB v8.1 FP5.


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    the package from nuliid are these used by db2 itself
    command line - import .. all other utilities
    they are grouped by 2 lists : db2cli.lst and db2ubind.lst
    multiple copies are available for all versions/release of any client
    do not revoke them..
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    Thanks Guy.

    Our auditors have a different view and see it as a security threat. I could not find any IBM documentation to prove the impact the REVOKE might have.

    Please help me if you can point me to some IBM documentation.


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