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    Exclamation Unanswered: AutoNumber Index Bust

    I have a table using an AutoNumber as its primary field. New Values are set to Increment. Today I got an error to the effect of "cannot create record, primary field value already exists." Woah, how can that be? So I open the table. The last record shows AutoNumber 3440. I create a new record, and Access assigns AutoNumber 3419 to the new record. This value is already in use.

    What can cause this? I have a series of functions using DAO, .AddNew, etc to write records to this table. But my code doesn't touch the AutoNumber field, and I'm assuming Jet assigns these values. I had a total meltdown yesterday involving this table, so I'm... concerned.

    Thanks in advance! Matt

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    have you tried a compact and repair? It's like restarting Access; and as us IT guys all know that's a magic fix for all sorts of wierd problems
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