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    Unanswered: DB2 8 install Question


    When I installed DB2 8 on windows I used cutom install and installed only the components required for client access (did not install the server side components). I also applied fixpack 15 over this install. Now I want to upgrade the install as full DB2 server. Is it possible to install the remaining server components with out uninstalling the DB2?

    I tried the installshield, but it did not work as the version in the machine (8.2.6) did not match the installshield ver (8.2.0).


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    You can install the latest fixpack since on Windows, the fixpack install does not require installation of the base code first.

    Then you just need to retrieve the license file from your 8.2.0 installation media and install it on your server using db2licm command.
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