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    Unanswered: how can i backup my database?

    hi! i am a new oracle user. I have an little database and i need to backup it.(My teacher will look it.) can anyboy tell me the way of backup?

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    Andrewst spent a lot of time putting together a sticky called 'Guidance & Resources for Posters' precisely for people like you. Read the sticky, then if you get stuck on any of the technical apsects of backups come back & ask for help.

    Here's the link, as you can't seem to find it:
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    When you read the documentation pay particular attention to RMAN.
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    Although it is NOT and can NOT be used instead of a proper backup, I believe that - in such a case ("teacher wants to see what I've done so far") - export might do the job quite well.

    "A small database" is probably only one schema and it is quite simple to perform an export, put these several MB on USB memory stick, give it to the teacher, let him import my schema and do whatever he/she wants to.

    If that's acceptable, read something more about the original Export and Import utilities in Oracle 10g documentation; if you use another database version, check its documentation at

    A siimple export can be done this way:
    OS_prompt> EXP username/password FILE=my_export.dmp
    The result - if everything goes well - is export file of your schema.

    Once again: EXPORT IS NOT A BACKUP! Keep that in mind. Here is a link to the complete 10g documentation; if you are interested in backup, check Backup and Recovery manuals.

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