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    Unanswered: Problem with form after upsizing to SQL Server 2005

    Hi everyone,

    I currently have a database in Access 2007 that I want to convert to SQL Server 2005, but I want to keep Access as the front-end so that I can continue to use the forms. The tables and queries will be in SQL Server.

    The form I'm having trouble with has a drop-down menu with a list of codes. It has a subform which displays records matching the code selected. The information comes from a query that selects certain records from a table (based on other criteria). This is all designed using link master fields and link child fields. The problem is that when I upsize to SQL Server, this feature doesn't work anymore. Nothing happens when I select a code from the drop-down menu. I know the query works, and the form does get records from it, but changing the code doesn't do anything. I'm guessing that the problem is with link master fields and link child fields. Is there any way to make the linking work?


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    When you did the upsizing, did you DRI or triggers to enforce referential integrity (it was a checkbox option during the wizard)? I've always used DRI (direct Referential Integrity). After upsizing, SQL Server also sometimes likes to "miss" putting some of the relationships back together and other things like the configuring the autonumber field correctly so it advances +1. Check your relationships and the autonumber fields on SQL Server to make sure the autonumber field is an identity field increasing by 1 and that relationships are maintained. Also double-check your primary key field.

    Also note, SQL Server will put brackets [] around fieldnames it doesn't like which are reserved words. Check your field names to make sure none of them got changed.
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    Pretty sure I did all that, but I'm still having problems.
    Is the link master fields/link child fields feature even supposed to work in an .adp file?

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