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    Unanswered: Input Mask for a date

    I currently have an Input Mask of 00/00/0000 for a few date fields on a form, but I don't like it because if I enter 5/16/2008, for example, it says the input doesn't conform to the mask. It requires me to enter 05/16/2008. I think it's not natural to have to enter the leading zero for the month. Also, it would be nice if I could just enter 5/8/2008 and have it resolve to 05/08/2008. Any way to do this?

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    Even better is to allow the user to key in 5/8 and the system expands it out assuming the current year. This is really easy. Here's how:

    Don't use an input mask.
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    You could use the Input Mask 09/09/0099 which allows for one or two digits in the month/day part of the date and two or four digits in the year part. I have to say, however, that I find that using Input Masks actually slows down/makes entry harder, and never use them myself.

    To "resolve" the date as you want it, go to the Format Property for the textbox and enter mm/dd/yyyy. If you enter 5/8/08 or 5/8/2008, 05/08/2008 will be displayed when you move off of the textbox.

    If you don't use the Input Mask, you can simply enter 5/8 as StartTrekker suggested, and 05/08/2008 will be displayed.

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    Hope this helps!

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