I have a table with OLE fields for interior photos I've taken. I've made a form, and I can right-click to browse for each photo and insert them. When I run the report I made, all I see are icons with the file name underneath. Here's what I've tried so far:

1. Doesn't matter if I check the "display as icon" box or not - I get an icon either way.

2. Doesn't matter if the box is bound or unbound - icon either way.

3. Doesn't matter if I check the "link" box.

The photos are on my harddrive, not being accessed across a network or a removable drive or CD which may be mising. I know they are there. The only way I've been able to "see" a photo on a report, is by INSERT -> PICTURE. Doesn't matter how I insert an object, all I see is an icon.

Can anybody help? I don't know a lot about Access or programming, so please talk to me like I'm a dummy. I've gotta be doing something stupid here, but I can't figure it out.