When I execute following command on the replication server I am getting

1> admin show_connections
2> go
Server User
Database State Owner Spid
------------------------------ ------------------------------
------------------------------ ----------------- ---------- ----
PROD RS126_RSSD_prim
RS126_RSSD free
RPT vantive_maint
vantive active DSI EXEC 30
RPT vantive_arch_maint
vantive_arch already_faded_out DSI EXEC 26
connection state number comments
----------------- ------ -------------------------------------------------
connecting 0 in the process of connecting to a server
active 1 established connections owned and used by threads
idle 0 established connections owned but not being used
being_faded_out 0 idle connections that are being closed
already_faded_out 1 idle connections that have been closed
free 1 established connections not owned by any threads
closed 61 closed connections not owned by any threads

How to come out from already_faded_out ?