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    Unanswered: urgent please:Insert-Exec not working from asp page

    When i use my insert-exec in my proc, say it Y, and the inner proc is X (don't contain an other insert-exec). when i call the Y proc in sql query analyzer the call is executed and it get me back results.

    But when I call the Y proc from an ASP page, the execution is aborted, and I don’t know why, I have tested many thinks but it doesn’t work (for exp: the use commit transaction, set ....).
    Please could you tell me if i miss some things i should add to my procs for the IIS web server could have right to execute my Y proc

    Configuration of my application

    - IIS Web server 6.0

    - Sql Server 2000 SP 2.0

    - TSQL as a sql language (of course)

    - ASP as web porgramming language

    - The call of the insert exec proc is as following:


    o Field1 ,

    o Field2,

    o Field3 ,

    o …,

    o )

    o EXEC dbo.ps_a5s_rpt_charge700 @util, @annee , @perimetre , @secteur , @poste , @fournisseur , @err , @lib_err

    Many thanks


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    on the wrong server
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    can we see all of the code and nay error messages you might be getting?
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    Many thanks, I have found then problem, it was on the ADO side, in fact, the recordset created was a multirecordset (that was the problem), so I have just added this couple of code to retrieve a recordset
    obj_resul_req_sql1.Open PS, conn, -1, 4,1

    Do until obj_resul_req_sql1.State=adStateOpen
    Set obj_resul_req_sql1=obj_resul_req_sql1.NextRecordse t

    Many thanks

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