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    Red face Unanswered: oracle 8i installation

    hello everyone!!!!

    i had a problem regarding the installation of oracle 8i. iam using windows xp professional as my standard operating system in all of my workstation..this error occur when i reformat the hdd of my pc 13 and when i try to reinstall the 8i in pc 13 this error now happened..: "there was a problem opening the staging area.please make sure the 'source' you have specified is valid." i can ping the server in pc 13 and other was a new copy of 8i installer.what should i do ??

    i hope that you could help me with my problem..i am new about this oracle 8i

    thank you very all of you.

    god bless.
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    Oracle 8i has NOT been supported any time this century.
    It very well could be it is NOT supported on what Operating System you are using.

    Your initial post is lacking in meaningful details to provide any more assistance.
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