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    Unanswered: Limiting rows returned by result sets

    In MySQL we use "SELECT (....) LIMIT 0, 10" to only return the first 0 to 10 records. Alternatively we could do "LIMIT 10, 20" to return the 10th to 20th records.

    What's the equivilent of this in SQL Server?


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    there is no such thing as "the first 0 to 10 records". You want to use SELECT TOP or SET ROWCOUNT.
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    neither SELECT TOP nor SET ROWCOUNT can easily do rows 11 through 20

    FYI dbguyfh, LIMIT 10,20 is actually rows 11 through 30 | @rudydotca
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    In SQL 2005, this can be done with CTEs and the ROW_NUMBER function. I believe the examples are in Books Online. If not there, then tere will probably be a number of examples on various blogs. Just google for Common Table Expressions.

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    You can google lots of examples for doing this in SQL Server. Most of them use sub queries with a TOP clause (descending order) within another query with a TOP clause.

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