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    Unanswered: best program to store pdfs


    My office is just getting off the ground and we are in the market for a new database. Most of what we have to store relates to PDFs and Office Documents. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what would be the easiest and most user friendly programs.

    Thanks for your help

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    the easiest program to store PDF's is going to be your server's network OS... store the PDF's there and store a pathway to the PDF in a DB.. if you have to associate a pathway with other data
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    Many people confuse the terms 'database' and 'application'.

    A Database can be thought of as an information 'container' and it may have an associated language with it or not.
    But it is the Application which can typically use one or more databases and allows the user to Input/Output/Report, etc. on the information within. (Note that a given application's language does not inherently REQUIRE the information's database to be the same.)

    You do not generally need a 'database' to store files. The Windows (or other) operating system does this task just fine.

    However keeping track of what files are saved where and what other information might be associated with the file is typically the job for something like a Documents Management application.

    Documents Management systems can be written in a variety of languages - some of which could be database languages.

    You might want to consider doing a Google search for "Document Management"

    Good Luck

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