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    Unanswered: Where to put System DB's with SAN implementation

    This is my first experience with a SAN and we're about to migrate my SQL server to the SAN. The SAN is a nice product made by HP and worth about $200k, so it's not a cobbled together system...but I can't find any documentation to indicate if I should have the system level db's (master, msdb, and tempdb) running of the local system or the SAN.

    The next step is a cluster, which brings forward the same I store the system level db's on the local or the shared storage device?

    Anybody have experience with this?



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    Without knowing anything about how your implementation, I would vote SAN.

    Your SAN probably has a higher I/O throughput than your local drives. Your tempdb would benefit from this.

    If you upgrade or change your database server down the road, having all the databases on the SAN will make that process easier. Unmount the SAN partition from the original server, mount them on the new server, and you're ready to attach the db files.

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