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    Question Unanswered: xp_Sendmail and Delivery receipts

    I am trying to send an email out, from an SQL Server with Microsoft Office 2000 Premium (Professional also available) (could have option for Office
    2003 also) installed on it (only outlook is installed, however we can change
    that) It's Windows 2k3 running Microsoft SQL 2000 server SP 4.

    I need to be able to, via SQL (or a stored procedure) automate sending of emails out via xp_sendmail or some other system, with delivery receipts attached to them, so that when they hit the client's server we know it. I can get it to send a delivery receipt when remoting into outlook and sending an email through outlook automatically, however it does not attach one to the ones going out with xp_sendmail. I know there's a way to do it via ASP.Net, but I'd much prefer to have a job that goes out and finds which emails need sent, and have the database server auto make the email, and sent it out on our behalf, instead of requiring someone to go in and click sends, and such via ASP.Net.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but xp_endmail doesn't use Outlook to send it's emails..?
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    Exclamation Re: xp_Sendmail and Delivery receipts

    I dont' believe it actually initializes Outlook to send the email no, but I know you have to have a MAPI profile set up to be able to turn SQL Mail on for the startup account for SQL Server.

    My understanding is that it uses that, and that outlook also uses that, however I do believe you are correct. I guess my question should be formulated more like, I'd like to send an email automatically with the SQL Server

    I'm basically going to pull different values from different fields in the database and assemble a huge email, attach a file to it, and send it out, or that's the plan, however they are time sensative, and the receipients often say they did not get it, so the delivery receipt is important as it will tell us that at least their server got it. Read requests they can choose not to send.

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