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    Question Unanswered: Esql/c

    I have a experience in 4gl informix. And I esql/c is a product from Informix suite. However, why one would use esql/c as a development tool instead of 4gl? when 4gl is 4th generation language.
    I have an interview in esql/c ?
    so, any help is appreciated.


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    I have used esql/c in my previous company and currently I am using 4gl in my current company.

    1) Code written in esql/c seem to be faster than 4gl.
    2) Esql/C can also handle file I/O directly. 4gl need to include c library to handle file I/O.

    In my previous company, my team migrate from informix to oracle DB and esql/c to pro C. Recompiling the code is easy.
    In my current company, we are also trying to migrate to oracle. However, migrating 4gl to plsql is very difficult. There are no freeware availiable to help us in the migration and our IT budget is limited.
    3) So I think esql/c is more portable than 4gl.

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