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    Arrow Unanswered: DB2 V9.1 -uninstall FP4

    I am in the process of migrating from cloudscape to db2 for Websphere Portal Server
    One of the pre-requisite is to have db2 v9.1 client installed without FP4 on the same box where websphere portal is installed.

    I currently have db2 v9.1 FP4 client installed & want to remove the FP4 keeping the sanity of db2 v9.1.

    How do i do it?

    Kindly advice


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    Taken from

    For Linux® and UNIX® operating systems, you can go back to an earlier fix pack level by reinstalling an earlier fix pack. On Windows® operating systems, you cannot remove a fix pack once it has been installed.

    To uninstall a fix pack on Linux or UNIX operating systems, use the installFixPack command with the force option (-f) to bypass the level check. For example, to uninstall DB2® Version 9.1 Fix Pack 2, run the installFixPack command from within the DB2 Version 9.1 Fix Pack 1 installation image as follows:
    ./installFixPack -f -b DB2DIRwhere DB2DIR is the location of the DB2 database products that you want to force to a lower level fix pack image.

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