So I have a new problem.
I have a form in an .adp file in Access 2007, and the project is connected to SQL Server 2005. The form uses a stored procedure to display records. The stored procedure does a JOIN of 2 tables, and has parameters which are passed in through the form's Input Parameters property. It compares the parameters to the corresponding columns and returns those records where there's a match. The records are returned correctly but they cannot be edited because the Unique Table property of the form is not filled in. I can't fill it in, however, because the drop-down list is empty and I can't type in the name of a table.
I found that if I take all of the parameters out of the stored procedure (so that it returns all records), the table names appear in the Unique Table list and everything works fine. Once I put the parameters back, the Unique Table field is blank again. Does anyone know why this is happening, and is there a way to make everything work so that I can use parameters in my query and set the Unique Table property?