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Copy Machines and Supplies Database

If there's any business that needs a lot of industry contacts, it must be the copying machine and supplies companies. And that's because not a lot of people are into purchasing a copying machines for their own personal use. Most businesses are settling for rentals or merely hires a third party company to do the job for them. In reality, copying machines and supplies is actually a business that has the ability to expand to greater heights; simply because there are a lot of potential customers just around the corner.

The same is true for people who have copying machines and supplies companies as their clients. If your business has something to do with copying, be it in the form of services or products, then you certainly are going to need a copying machine and supplies company as a partner. You would want to get the best deal in town when it comes to supplies like toners, papers, and inks, wouldn't you? And besides, if you have a business partner, discounts and perks come naturally between the two of you. It follows that if you are able to strike an agreement with all copying machines and supplies companies operating near you, then your business will surely grow beyond measurable proportions.

In both of these cases, you would certainly need the Copying Machines and Supplies database to work for you. The database contains thousands of pertinent records about the copying machines and supplies companies that are operating across the continent. Each record includes the legal names of copiers and supplies manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. It also includes office furniture and equipment makers. Companies dealing with copier service and repair, as well as those leasing or renting out equipments are listed.

This database would certainly boost your sales production the moment you acquire it. With the list in your hands, you will instantly have thousands of potentials clients or business partners that you can possibly deal with. Building an empire is certainly easy with this tool right under your disposal.

Aside from marketing, this database is also useful for website applications. Do you want to add something informative in your site? Is your site related to copying machines and equipments? Then this database can give you a powerful niche directory. The database comes in MySQL and CSV formats so it is very usable for web-based applications. All you need is a few programming scripts and you now have yourself a website containing highly informative niche directory offered free to visitors. Regular traffic will surely become a normal thing to your site.

And if by chance you don't know how to create web programs to make the database useful, the package comes with a value-added customized database script design service. Just contact the group and tell them exactly what you need. They would then respond to your request with a quote. If everything works out right, your script will be ready the soonest time possible. And your website will be up and running the next minute.

Ready to order? You should be. Success comes easy if you have the database in your possession. The package is offered at a very affordable price. You can settle for the usage rights if you think the full rights is beyond your budget. Either way, you will get a very great tool to improve your business in every way possible!

Record Fields: ID, Category, Sub Category, Business Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Email, Website, Country, Area Code Check, FIPS Code, County, Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time Flag, Latitude, Longitude, MSA Code, PMSA Code

Usage Rights License: $50.00
Full Rights License: $120.00
Resell Rights License: $240.00
Records: 11,045

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