iHelpdesk21 3.0 allows organizations to easily coordinate, track, and report on help desk requests and activity. Organized in "files" a full ticket and support history for each client is available. iHelpdesk21 was written in ASP 3.0 and is powered by a SQL Server 2005 Database. Tickets and ticket replies, both with attachments, can be created either online or by email in HTML (mail piping). No installation of a server side mail application is necessary !! iHelpdesk21 provides management of unlimited Service Plans with multiple users and other Services. Users and Technicans get the current status of all contracted services displayed and are reminded when services are about to expire. iHelpdesk21 provides a complete tracking system for labour and expenses divided in unlimited cost categories. Ticket and client information incl. Service History are divided in tabs and can be navigated from one screen. For a full list with all features please visit our website.