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    Question Unanswered: what are Scored and Unscored Questions

    i found the following on Oracle website.
    link given below.
    OCP Exam Passing Scores
    Oracle routinely publishes new versions of Oracle Certification exams, and the passing score across versions may differ. The passing score for each exam is set independently to maintain a consistent standard across versions. For example, to maintain a consistent standard for success, a new version of an exam which contains more hard questions than the prior version will be assigned a somewhat lower required passing score. For this reason, passing scores may vary between different exams in your certification track, and between later and earlier versions of the same exam.

    The passing scores provided on the Oracle Certification Program website are for informational purposes only. Oracle does not recommend an exam preparation strategy targeting the passing score, because passing scores are subject to change without notice.

    Scored and Unscored Questions
    Your exam may contain unscored questions in addition to the scored questions, so the total number of questions that are presented to you may be greater than the number shown above. This is standard testing practice. You will not know which questions are unscored. If your exam contains unscored questions, the time allowed for the exam takes into consideration the time you will need to answer all questions and review your work. Your exam results will reflect your performance on the scored questions only.
    I am unable to understand what "Scored and Unscored Questions" means.
    does this mean some questions will not carry marks at all and we have to attempt all questions in the certification exams without knowing which questions would carry marks and which would not.
    Could someone plz clarify?


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    to add to this i v more confusion
    for Oracle SQL exam 1Z0-007
    what is the retake policy?
    the link doesnt work on Oracle Website
    if someone flunks the exam can he never take it again? meaning, he can never become a OCA or OCP?

    plz clarify someone
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