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    Unanswered: Can I perform loading Multiple DB2 Databases simultaneously?

    Hi all,

    I have a set of similar Load jobs for 3 different databases, different schemas. Each load job will do about 300+ table loads on a DB2 z/OS, DB2v8.1 environment. Run serially, I will spend a whole day plus just doing load but I will like to cut my time down to perhaps half a day. So, I am wondering if I can try to achieve this by running at least two seperate database load jobs simultaneously. Can I do this? What is the downside side to doing the loads this way? I will like to hear the pros and cons, if you will, and perhaps other
    suggestions or recommendations for what I can do to speed up my load.


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    It depends on how you organized your tablespaces (since the LOAD utility operates on tablespace level). If the tables are in different tablespaces, you can do all load operations in parallel.
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