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    Unanswered: Need A little help with User Varify script

    Well here's the scoop:
    I'm sort of new at PHP, but I understand the basics. I got my registration form almost complete at

    The only problem I'm having is checking the username to see if it's already in use. I have some code that works about 70% for the purpose I need. It only catches the username if the case is exactly the same.

    Example: there's a username called Spence, and nobody else can make one called "Spence", but u can still make an account called SPENCE, or spence, or sPEnCe, etc..

    I've seen other website with this problem as well, but I don't ever want to see it on my site.

    here's the code I use right now for username checker:

    PHP Code:
    //check to see if username is already in use
    if($user1=="$username") {
    $baduserreason1="Username is already in use. Please enter a different username.";
    $user1 - are the usernames loaded from the database.
    $username - is the name entered in the form.

    What I need specificly is the code the turns any text into ALL CAPS. Then I can check it properly.

    Edit: Thanks healdem, this is my new working code
    PHP Code:
    //check to see if username is already in use
    if($user1 == $user2) {
    $baduserreason1="Username is already in use. Please enter a different username.";
      else {
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    is probably worth a look
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