Hello there,

I have the following tables ;

I was wondering how people deal with incorrect orders. Take the following example ;
A customer orders 10 x widgets.
A customer receives 8 x widgets because the picker got it wrong.
My company sends out 2 more widgets to correct the error

This is how I currently do it;
My company purchases items, it goes on a purchase invoice in tblPurchases with each product in tblPurchase.
My company sells items, it goes on a sale invoice in tblSale with each product in tblSaleLines.
We use a copy of the sale invoice for picking and packing.

To detirmine what we have in stock we take the qty in stock at last stock take from tblStocktake, adjust it by any stock adjustments from tblStockAdjustment, adjust it by all purchases and sales since the stocktake date.

My questions is, what is the standard practice for correcting the order?
1. Should we raise a sale with 2 x widgets on it of no charge (hence throwing our stock count out)
2. Should we go back and change the old sale to the quantity that was shipped. Then raise a new sale for the 2 x widgets. (I dont like this)
3. Should I create another table that allows us to create pickingslips and consignment notes without affecting inventory?

Thank you kindly for any thoughts on this
John Sheppard