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    Relationship Cardinalities

    Whenever we are going to design the Database we define relationship cardinalities likewise one-one, One-Many, Many-Many Relationships etc.
    Can anyone let me know in detail how to define these what are the steps we should take care while defining these Cardinalities.


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    dbconcept - we won't do your homework for you. What answer have you got for yourself so far?

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    Carnality is a social condition of great interest to database professionals.

    One-one is most common in the western world, and is often referred to by its more common name of monogamy. This describes the normal form where one male and one female mate either for life or the duration of a relationship.

    One-many is less common, but still practiced in the Middle East, parts of Asia, and by the Islamic and some parts of the Mormon faith. It is usually known by its common name of pollygamy. While it could be used to describe one woman with many men, I've only heard about cases with one man with many women.

    Many-many relationships are generally very short lived. This is commonly called an orgy. Generally, this is a 24 hour or less event, usually associated with great excess or hedonism.


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    I think what these guys are trying to say (and succeeding in a most amusing manner) is that we won't do it for you - however we are happy to nudge you in the direction of the right answer if you show us that you've tried!

    Specific questions are (normally) met with much better answers.

    Give it a go; post what you've come up with so far and it will be constructively criticiesed.
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    Actually, I'm confused about the "Orgy" bit. Pat, you could you describe that in more detail please? How would I go about implementing this on my next team project?
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