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    Can I create a message from sql ? I want to create a message saying Attention ! I have the following sql:

    StrSQL = " SELECT qryCrosstab.ProductID, Sum(qryCrosstab.[-1]) AS [SumOf-1], Sum(qryCrosstab.[0]) AS SumOf0, [SumOf-1]-[SumOf0] AS Saldo, products.items6 AS stock" & _
    " FROM qryCrosstab INNER JOIN products ON qryCrosstab.ProductID = products.Productid " & _
    " WHERE (((qryCrosstab.afid) = = " & InOffice & "))" & _
    " GROUP BY qryCrosstab.ProductID, products.items= " & InItems & ";"
    CurrentDb.Execute StrSQL

    End Function

    My question is, can I create a message with the message box, when the saldo is not equal to the stock ?

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    I have no idea, I have never tried to put a MsgBox() inside an SQL statement before. My guess would be "no".

    You're probably going to need to take different actions depending on whether Saldo = Stock or not, so it makes more sense to do this with VBA rather than trying to put it inside an SQL statement anyway.

    Since the SQL is inside a function, you can fetch the value of Saldo and Stock and use and then compare them, produce your message and take necessary action.
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