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    Unanswered: new db creation on existing instance

    There are already two instance on production server.
    As per requirement We want to create new database.
    So please tell me whats prons and cons if i create new db on existing instance.
    or what will be prons and cons if i create new instance and then create new db under that.

    Reply ASAP

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    Pawan Kumar

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    Please provide OS and DB2 versions including fixpack level. You might also want to provide what the hardware (memory, CPUs, etc). All of this info is needed to allow us to give you the best possible answer.

    In general, a separate instance for the new DB requires more resources, memory, CPU, Disk, etc. than adding the new DB to an existing instance. The disadvantage of using an existing instance is that if the instance crashes, then both DBs are off-line instead of just one.


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    DB2v8.1.2.89 with fixpack 9....
    12GB Memory

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    The advantage of having multiple instances is that you start and stop DB2 at the instance level so this would give you more granular control of the databases. This is probably the most important factor (or non-factor depending on your applications).

    If you had both databases in one instance, you would be able save a little bit of instance level memory (but this a relatively small amount of memory).

    The number of allowed agents (in most cases one agent per connection) is controlled at the instance level.
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