I'm new to this forum and need assistance as I'm stuck on this one report with nothing else to try.

I have a main report that consist of a table called for example: Inv_Count

I have 3 additional subreport inserted in each of it's own report footer and they are all unrelated for example: sub1 is using table 'receipts', sub2 is using table 'adjustments', and sub3 is using table 'issues'.

The only common field through all 4 of these tables is the 'Part number' so i use this as a subreport link to filter by part number for all of the tables.

My goal is to have this report print all the transactions that occurred within a specified time frame but the problem is, all 4 tables consist of different field used as dates. For example: main report date is 'new inv date', sub1 is 'receipt date', sub2 is 'datetime adjusted', and sub4 is 'issue date'.

In sub1,2,and sub3, i have created a parameter field for their own date allowing a date range, when i run the report in Crystal, it works fine, if i publish this report on our web server, when i run it there, it's telling me that i'm missing parameters.

I have tried so many iterations and different ways of trying to get all these unrelated data into one report and some works well, some doesn't.

I think there is something in the subreport link that i'm missing and need help to identify what it is. I appreciate any help on this subject.

Thank you