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    Unanswered: Problems with deleting a post in Access 97

    Hi people.
    I wonder if you can help me with this one, i have tried deleting a post both in the form view and in the table view, in both cases it quits the program without a single reason.

    Each post consists of a "notepad" field where there has happened a #fault error, i checked and corrected 35 of these #fault errors yesterday (deleting and add again), without problems but this last one is not deletable. I tried searching your forums but i couldnt find anything like it.

    I've also tried a SQL sentence deleting the post resulting in the same error.

    Happy for help.

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    Can you post your table DDL and the SQL you have tried please.
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    Im fixing this another way by copying the whole table into a new database, but thanks for the help

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    Probably the best course of action tbh; it sounds like corruption to me.
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