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    Unanswered: Export impacts Windows activity

    Dear group,

    I'd like to know whether somebody has experienced a problem like ours. We run Oracle on Windows, but the problem happened also on When we run an Export FULL, lasting one hour, there is a serious impact on Windows availability. At moments, Windows seems to freeze during some seconds; during these episodes, no one gets any response even for the simplest Windows tasks. Sorry for the poorly elaborated question, but we haven't gathered more info about the case.

    Our environment is:
    Oracle on Windows 2000 SP4
    Export launched with options: full=y direct=y
    Other products running in Windows: McAfee antivirus
    Patrol Agent statistics collector and
    Control-M Agent (job scheduler)

    Thanks in advance,
    Mariano Corral

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    Hi Mariano,

    There is nothing wrong with Oracle, your main problem is: WinDoze!

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    If you can afford it, perform Export during non-working hours. You can schedule it using Windows Task Manager.

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    Have you tried running an export with each of the other programs in turn disabled? It may be that one of them is affecting the export.
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    Use Task Manager and the Performance monitor to find the process which is chewing up CPU and or IO. I suspect though that your McAfee antivirus may be the culprit, we have turned it off for our Oracle database files.


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