New Web based database administration and form/sql based application builder solution --- tmWorks R-View V1.8.0b has been released!

tmWorks R-View is a full featured web based database administration and database driven application builder tool for the JDBC enabled databases.


1. Web based intuitive interface, managing your database via the browser;

2. Support almost database administration operation: create/modify/view database, table, index, procedure, function, user etc. via the browser;view screenshot;

3. Visually rich and intuitive web based table data editor enables working with data as easy as using a spreadsheet;view screenshot;

4. Web based form builder and query builder help you creating database driven application like search form, chart report easily. With these application, non-technical people to work with data as powerfully as if they were supported by an IT staff;

5. Authority control system:Administration, developer, End user.



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