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    [Design] Cinema database


    i am designing database for cinema which should support ticket reservation. i am not convinced if my conception is good. i'll be appreciative for taking a look.

    i'll be making an interface in delphi and i'm not sure how show reserved tickets on choosen seance. any ideas ?

    thanks 4 mountain

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    your primary keys are all wrong

    i'm assuming that since each primary key includes an "id" INTEGER, your intention was to use a surrogate (e.g. IDENTITY or AUTO_INCREMENT or SEQUENCE)

    you have separate tables movie_price_group and price_group -- why? (DECIMAL is correct, FLOAT is wrong)

    when a ticket is issued, is it for a specific seat? if so, why are tickets not linked to the seats table?

    finally, when is this assignment due? | @rudydotca
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    i'm using flamerobin [generators and triggers for autoincrement] for making database and delpihi for interface.

    movie_price_group is for 'premiere'=1, 'old'=0,8, price_group is for 'mon-thu'=5$, 'weekends'=8$ i thought it could be usefull for calculating prices of tickets -> movie_price_group * price_group ...


    In form1 i will make a view from tabels seance+movie+movie_kind+movie_age_restriction
    i'd like to show
    MOVIE title, time, SEANCE start,MOVIE_KIND name(ex. horror), MOVIE_AGE_RESTRICTION name(ex. 18)
    i will make search engine by movie title. when i choose movie i'll go to form 2

    with ideseance, idmovie and idroom (SEANCE) i'd like to paint all free [which are not in table TICKET] seats from room_has_seat
    then form3 with info seat_no, row_no, date, start(seance start), title, cost


    is it good ?
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