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    Unanswered: checking the backup image

    Hi My database is db2V8.1fp14 Aix.
    how do we check whether or not a backup image is corrupted using db2ckbkp?
    what message does this command gives if the backup image is corrupted?
    for eg:

    db2ckbkp SAMPLE.0.krodger.NODE0000.CATN0000.19990817150714. 001
    SAMPLE.0.krodger.NODE0000.CATN0000.19990817150714. 002
    SAMPLE.0.krodger.NODE0000.CATN0000.19990817150714. 003

    [1] Buffers processed: ##
    [2] Buffers processed: ##
    [3] Buffers processed: ##
    Image Verification Complete - successful.

    if we see successful does that mean the backup image is good?..if say one of the part(out of 3 parts present here) is corrupted then does this command say part-xxx is crrupted?

    any help is appreciated


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    I am fairly certain that it tells you if there is a problem with the backup image.


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