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    Unanswered: Reference to DAO 6

    Is there any way to refer to DAO 6 in the object library on opening the form without manually going to to tools-reference-dao 6 and clicking on it ?

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    look in the code bank... there is an example of programmaticaly enforcing references
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    I've not done that specific job, but I have modified references to outlook using vba.

    Here's a little VBA function that I used to play around with the Outlook reference. It removes the existing outlook reference and adds a reference to the file:

    Sub ReferencesCorrection()
        'not sure this can be done in an MDE.
        Dim vReference As Reference
        Dim vOutputString As String
        'Find the outlook reference and remove it.
        For Each vReference In References
            If vReference.Name = "Outlook" Then References.Remove vReference
        'iterate through references and store in a variable for display
        For Each vReference In References
            'remove a reference if it's outlook.
            vOutputString = vOutputString & vReference.Name & " - Path:" & vReference.FullPath & vbNewLine
        'show current references.
        MsgBox vOutputString
        'add a reference -- this seems to add a reference to C:\Program Files\etc, not M: ??
        References.AddFromFile "M:\MMData\MSOUTL.OLB"
        'add a couple of lines.
        vOutputString = vOutputString & vbNewLine & vbNewLine
        'loop through the references again
        For Each vReference In References
          vOutputString = vOutputString & vReference.Name & " - Path:" & vReference.FullPath & vbNewLine
        'show the results
        MsgBox vOutputString
    End Sub
    It might at least point you in the right direction.
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